St James' Primary School Muswellbrook
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Skellatar Stock Route
Muswellbrook NSW 2333

Phone: 02 6543 3094

Morning and afternoon safety

At SJM we pride ourselves on keeping each other safe. As we approach the end of our term, we ask all of our parents and carers to please remember to be safe as you enter and exit the school before and after school. We have increased traffic flow at the moment and we would like to make sure we all get to our holiday period safely. Please be patient when you are waiting to enter the school in morning and afternoon, and don’t forget to follow the road rules. If at all possible, please arrive a little earlier in the morning and delay your arrival at the school in the afternoon so that we don’t have huge numbers of cars parked outside the school. Please remember to remain outside the school in the afternoon until the teacher has placed the green sign on our front fence. That teacher is doing an important job and we need to ensure they are always safe. We really do appreciate the effort that you are all making during these busy traffic times. A couple of extra minutes in your day may mean the difference between all staff and students arriving at school in the mornings and returning home safely after school.