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St James' Primary School, Muswellbrook is a Catholic school where learning comes first. Catering for students from Kindergarten to Year 6, the school endeavours to provide a holistic and comprehensive education for all students by nurturing the academic, physical, interpersonal and spiritual dimensions of school life. St James’ features an inviting and nurturing educational environment equipped with modern facilities and modern technology. The school grounds feature open plan collaborative classrooms, flexible working spaces, a computer lab, multi-purpose hall, outdoor covered learning area, large playground and playing fields and a fully equipped learning centre with a well-resourced library. These spaces provide a stimulating and adaptable learning environment for all students.


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3rd April - Letter to parents from Catholic Schools Office

Friday 3 April

Please click on the link below to view today's letter from Mr Gerard Mowbray, Director of Schools. There is no new information in today's letter, except his confirmation of the NSW Premier's encouragement for children to stay home wherever this is possible. Mr Mowbray states, "Parents who need to attend work and who do not have the support at home, can continue to send their children to school."


Have a great weekend.

Diocesan and Schools Update

Thursday 2 April

Good Afternoon Parents

Attached with this communication is a letter from the Director of Schools, Mr Gerard Mowbray.

All 11 Dioceses within NSW are implementing Staff Development Days next week.

What does this mean at SJM?

1. There will be minimal supervision, as per this week, for students of essential workers.
2. No new work will be added to our website – www.sjmhomelearning.weebly.com next week.
3. Families may either choose to continue doing school work supplied or enjoy some welcome downtime.

We at SJM are happy to support you if you wish to continue to work from home, however all staff will be working collaboratively to continue building our multi modal programs for Term 2, therefore replies to emails will not be instant. The last of our Term 1 Zoom meetings will finish on Friday, and we will recommence these online meetings in Term 2.

As we always do, we will keep you informed via our usual channels – Facebook and Schoolzine.

Thank you again for your support.

Aaron Moon

Children's University

Thursday 2 April

Thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in The Children's University. On Friday March 13, Shaye Bourke from Childrens' University Newcastle spoke with the children and showed them what Children's University is all about. A note was then distributed by Mrs Watt to all interested students. With all of the disruption that COVID-19 has created in everyone's lives, it is easy to miss information. Therefore we thought we would advertise for the final time.

The following children have signed up for Children's University, with their passports having been finalised and they are about to be issued to the students. 

If your child's name does not appear below, yet you would like them to participate, please email Mrs Watt: donna-maree.watt@mn.catholic.edu.au with your child's name before 3pm Friday.



We welcome the following students to Children's University at St James, for 2020:


Yr 1- Amelia F, Jack M, Bailey R, Summer C

Yr 2-Laylah P, Quade W, Sophie C, Ryder P, Tylo G, Judd H, Logan Mc,

Yr 3-Bronte S, Jyrus T, Bradley W, Daniella F,

Yr 4-Aru M, TamikaH, Abbie W, Caleb Mc, Nate B, Cameron W, Sebastian M,

Yr 5-Lachlan C, Cooper B, Lily W, Kyaire L, Maddison H

Yr 6-Caleb B, Ruby W, Maddison P

Donna-Maree Watt

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